• Regulatory and Money Laundering Compliance

• Corporate Communications

• Real estate

• Legal advising: commercial, labour, new technologies, fiscal and taxes

• Strategic Consultancy

• Business Consultancy

• Environment and Energy Certification

We support companies in their strategic changes, whether business-related or legal. We cover all areas that affect their business activity, following a methodology adapted to the new business reality and the dizzying speed of changes in this era.

“While we don’t profess to be the best, we do claim to be better than yesterday”
“Evolution and specialization are born from joining forces”
“We fight to achieve your objectives and those that we have as a society”

From the drawing board to reality

We work to change the reality of our surrounding environment, from a young entrepreneurship to business consolidation and from daily action to legislative changes.

Conscious Community

We can achieve a better society. To do so, we work with companies that share a common purpose: conscious growth. We are efficient, rigorous and courageous when tackling profound changes at companies.

Structural dynamism

We adapt the size and specialization of the team to what you really need. Acting with agility so that your growth is quick and agile. When we start something, we finish it with an attitude of progress.

Your objectives first

We support you by clearing up any doubts and providing all the necessary strategic and legal advising. Whatever doesn’t add to your business doesn’t work for us. We are committed to your success, and we speak with complete confidence when assessing every project.


• Anti-money laundering
• Analysis of risks and social policies
• Labour advising
• Fiscal and tax advising


• Commercial operations
• Advertising and e-commerce
• Corporate social responsibility


• Software and digital platforms
• Privacy and EIPD (Evaluation of the Impact on Personal Data Protection)
• Patents, trade marks and intellectual property


• Administrative advising
• Real estate assets
• Environmental management systems
• Energy certification

“Global connectivity is also driving companies to compete with their reputations”
“We firmly believe that we can achieve a better society”


We transform ideas into business and businesses into agents of change. With a comprehensive, responsible and attainable vision.


• Mentoring
• Market sensitivity study
• Viability analysis of products and services
• Comprehensive business plan
• Strategy to search for financing


• Analysis of the macro environment
• Analysis of the internal and external micro environment
• Interpretation of data
• Complete business analysis
• Prioritized, measurable and achievable action plan
• External and internal social impact
• Implementation and follow-up

“We are efficient in our actions and active when carrying out profound changes at companies”

“If we start something, we finish it with an attitude of progress”